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This film is a beautiful and powerful story about a young orthodox Jewish boxer and his struggle to victory over hate and oppression in his local inner city neighborhood. The main character digs deep within himself, and his faith, for incredible physical and emotional strength. In the end, due to his selflessness, he overcomes the odds to achieve unity and peace.

PRODUCTION: Berger Bros Entertainment
ASSOCIATION WITH: Knowledge Tree Films, The Coalition GroupĀ and One October Films
DIRECTOR: Michael Carney
WRITERS: Dino Anello, Josh Berger and Michael Carney
PRODUCER: Brent Johnson, Josh Berger and Michael Carney
ACTORS: Josh Berger, Jeremy Byrne, Alexander Wright, Ninon Apren, Andrew Beckham, Madison Jaffrey, Erik Aude and Rabbi Sholom Rodal
STATUS: Complete