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Berger Bros Entertainment possess talented producers who know how to package a project. We can create dynamic packages that will help you raise the funding for your next film. We are also able to provide comprehensive script notes to help improve your script so that it is up to par with today’s market.


Before you are able to create a budget for your film, you will need to break the script down and prepare a shooting schedule. By doing so you will be able to generate a cast Day-Out-Of-Days, learn how many locations you have,  and discover the total number of shoot days for your crew.

An accurate shooting schedule is essential to your budgeting process. This document is usually prepared by your Assistant Director and can be quite costly. Berger Bros Entertainment offers a script breakdown by our experienced producers in Movie Magic Scheduling at an affordable rate.


Berger Bros Entertainment has a team of innovative and talented producers who can produce a film at any budget. Their skill set allows them to stretch dollars making your project compete in todays market. With the correct allocation of funds, you can make your project look professional on any budget.

Film Marketing

You’ve made your film… Great! Now how do you get people to see it? Berger Bros Entertainment works with Interconnected Worldwide to structure strategies to get people to see your film. We work with influencers as well as creating viral content that directs traffic to your film.

We are committed to providing audiences with impressive, innovative and risk-taking films from the best filmmakers, accomplished and on the rise.

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Belligerent Seal and Berger Bros Entertainment wrapped production on the feature film, Del Playa. Now that the film is in the can, it’s off to the editing room. The film […]


Principle Photography Begins on Del Playa

Berger Bros begins production on the horror film, Del Playa, directed and written by Shaun Hart. This film is about a young man who was bullied in high school and […]


World Premiere For ‘Jew’

Everyone came out in attendance for the “Jew” world premiere at the El Portal Theater in the arts district of North Hollywood.   Post by Jew.    

A message from our CEO

I started Berger Bros Entertainment because I wanted to make films that were committed to telling great stories. Finding talent and empowering them to create something spectacular. This is something I take great passion in and am proud of the films we have made and the slate we will create moving forward. I look at myself as more then just a filmmaker, I am a storyteller. I hope you enjoy our work.
Josh Berger

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