Del Playa

Struggling with a horrific past, Claire Rhodes must confront a stalker turned murderer of her youth in order to win her life – but will her own demons help the […]



This film is a beautiful and powerful story about a young orthodox Jewish boxer and his struggle to victory over hate and oppression in his local inner city neighborhood. The […]

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Innocent Attraction

A psychological thriller about an innocent attraction in a coffee shop. But people aren’t alway what they seem, and the outcome is not always how you imagine. PRODUCTION: Berger Bros […]


The Trip

A bond between best friends has been breached, and the truth must be told. What better time or place, then in Joshua Tree National Forest on shrooms? PRODUCTION: Berger Bros […]


Keep It Moving

Three dancers, of three different dance forms, coming from three different walks of life, fulfill their dreams in one dance company; Zen Arts. PRODUCTION: Berger Bros Entertainment/ Zen Arts WRITER: […]


A Knock At The Door

Jake’s father cheats on his wife and Kevin is the result. They grow up never knowing about each other. When their father passes away Kevin (Stuart Lafferty) seeks out Jake […]



A middle of the road man who is believed to be crazy, for his vivid dreams of crossing the country – destroyed by global warming – to find his wife, […]



A young man goes to propose to his soon-to-be finance, but rather witnesses her be the victim of a hit-and-run accident. As he hits rock bottom, he seeks revenge, only […]